Artist Bio

born and raised in southern california, an artist & athlete


in the beginning:

diagnosed with a bone disease, 4 hip operations & 2 years in a body cast from  7 to 9 years of age   doctors said i would be crippled by my late teens early 20’s    helped by the crippled children’s fund & orthopedic hospital of l.a. Calif.

The Artist:

winning art contests in school, started my first business in redondo beach ca. window painting,sign painting, logos & murals. then worked for several different company’s face painting, henna tattoo, glitter tattoo, set painter, props dept., silk screening t-shirts,  logos, air brush, painting pumpkins, oil and acrylic, pin & ink, fine art. always looking for a new form of artistic expression.

The athlete:

always the tom boy, becoming a professional wrestler & stunt woman “lightning” wrestling around the world & working in the movie industry appearing in numerous t.v. & film productions & live shows

hobbies & interests:

children’s charity’s, ymca, horses, trapeze, trampoline, cars, motorcycles, skating, karting, yoga, kick boxing,Pilates, weight lifting, movies, make up, computers & mall hopping LOL

my motto:

the glass is always 1/2 full not the other way around!

personal note:

I believe that art & athletics are a perfect complement.

coordination & patience for art &  coordination & assertiveness for athletics

these extra bits of info regarding my childhood are for the kids out there that have injuries or childhood problems like myself & told by whomever what they can’t do.

I want them to see that we put limitations on are selves reflecting what others have said.

so get stubborn & concentrate on what you can do, not what you can’t !


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Welcome to my site!


Name: cheryl rusa

super hero identity: Lightning

Location: burbank, ca.

Occupation: artist / stunt woman /wrestling super hero lightning

favorite color: blue/green

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